I’ve read the “about me” sections of hundreds of websites searching for the inspiration to write my own, but it always comes back to who I am as a person, which is not someone who likes to talk myself. I prefer the center of attention to remain where it belongs –on the couples I photograph. 

However, I do want you to understand who I am and thought the best way to share that is through the words of the people who mean the most to me – my family and friends. 

Here’s a little look into what they had to say: 

“Nate has an unnatural fear of sharks.” 

“He is the ultimate perfectionist, from his art to the lawn.” 

“If Nate sees someone on the street that he even THINKS might be hungry he will buy them food. I’m so proud of his big heart.” 

“He is an amazing friend, a great uncle to my kids, and someone I feel truly blessed to have in my life.” 

Now that we have that out of the way…I love shooting weddings, which is why we’re here, right? My passion for shooting weddings grows with each wedding I shoot. From the very first one I shot while getting my MFA, to hopefully yours, each one is different and brings new surprises, challenges, and friends. With each one, I am searching for those special moments unique to each couple - the way the father of the bride looks at his daughter for the last time before he walks her down the aisle, the glisten in the corner of the groom’s eye as he tries to hold it together during his vows, or the way the new husband and wife hold hands under the table as they listen to their closest family and friends speak about them. 

I would love to photograph your special moments, too. Let’s get together to talk about your wedding. While we’re at it I’ll tell you all about my amazing wife and best-friend, Jess, our son, Bennett, and our mini Australian Shepherd, Tula.